About Cedar Park and Beth El

Cedar Park and Beth El Cemeteries

Cedar Park and Beth El Cemeteries were founded more than 75 years ago. Since then tens of thousands of Jewish families from the entire New York metropolitan area have selected this park-like setting for the establishment of their memorials.

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Provide For Your Family Now

The selection of memorial property is as important to a family's security as the purchase of insurance or the preparation of a will. Unfortunately, many people put off this important decision until it is too late and the choice must be made at a moment filled with grief and confusion.


Most people are completely unaware that indoor above the ground spaces in the climate controlled SANCTUARY OF ABRAHAM & SARAH can be less expensive than the total cost of in the ground burial. However, we meet the needs of all families every day, whatever your preference. We are thoroughly versed in the customs of mourning.


Crypts are a one time expense. No headstones, and no annual or perpetual care are needed. Pre-need planning will enable you to make a logical, unemotional decision. It is a fitting tribute to those you love in life.

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A visit to our world class cemeteries and one of a kind Jewish mausoleum will also bring you to our state of the art facilities including our soaring ROTUNDA with its emotional WALLS OF TRIBUTE.