The Advantages of Advance Planning

A sensible approach to making informed decisions before the time of need.


Preplanning for your memorial property addresses two concerns. The first is the emotional aspect. When you choose to preplan, you have time to consider and evaluate all your options. Selections are made at a time when a death is not imminent and the emotional impact of the loss is not present to rush, complicate or otherwise cloud sound judgement. You are providing protection for your loved ones from having to make the difficult decisions at time of great stress.

The second is the financial aspect. Memorial property costs are subject to inflation, typically doubling in price every 7-10 years. When you choose to preplan and purchase your memorial property you are purchasing property at today's price. You will guarantee that your family will never have to pay more for the property purchased, regardless of what property costs escalate to in the future.

Contact us today and schedule a private consultation. Our memorial counselors will cover all your memorial property options ranging from mausoleum crypts, cremation niches and ground spaces. Our staff will also assist you with cost comparisons between property options you may be considering.

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