Beth El Cemetery - Block 21
Companion Grave Section


  • DIE = 3'- 0" x 0'-10" x 2'-8"
  • BASE = 3'-8" x 1'-4" x 0'-10"
  • INSCRIPTION: Only the FAMILY name is to be inscribed. All lettering must be sandblast incised. No Epitaphs will be permitted.
  • FOOTSTONES = 2'-0" x 1'-0 x 0'-4"
    Footstones must be of the same material as family stone. Must have steeled or polished top. Balance rock pitch. Must be set flush (Ground Level.) Lettering must be sandblast incised.

Companion Section Monument Diagram

It is understood and agreed that one family monument and two footstones are to be used. Each Companion Plot must be used separately and cannot be joined with another.

Shape, finish where not specified, design and color are optional. Planting will not be permitted on these graves. These graves will be maintained by the cemetery on the "Lawn-Plan" without cost to the purchaser and/or his heirs.


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